4 Tips for Choosing Luxury Accommodation in Bali for the Entire Family

4 Tips for Choosing Luxury Accommodation in Bali for the Entire Family
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Bali, Indonesia, has no shortage of accommodation options with a view, which provide excellent comfort. However, what most travel agents and brochures seem to advertize are the romantic/honeymoon type vacations with accommodation for two. Or, the casual tourist will come across options for single travelers. What do you do when you’re in need of a place to stay with your entire family and can’t make any compromise? Look below at our suggestions so you can plan a marvelous trip.

Research family friendly resorts

Not everything in Bali is suitable to a family trip. Many resorts are noisy and full of party goers. They stay up until sunrise and attract loads of drug dealers hoping to make a profit. Other touristic spots have a focus on beach and water sports and that again may be too much – in terms of not leaving one have enough quiet time. Look at the various resorts and see what their general vibe is, what they’re about. You are bound to find a family friendly one, with playgrounds for the kids, safaris, trips etc. Both Seminyak and Ubud are considered family friendly areas. On the other hand, Kuta is crowded with restless youngsters.


Locate a true luxury villa

Luxury villas aren’t only for celebrities or honeymoon couples. You can have one of the famous Bali family villas for you and your dear ones. Thus, you can ensure that everyone gets the space and comfort they need. Besides, you can cater for yourself or you can have specialized staff do that. Such villas are modern and were designed to suit Western tourists, therefore are certain to please even the most demanding. Choose accommodation that is owned by locals and that can make proof thorough quality controls. These are the main aspects that inscribe these villas to the luxury range.

Get in contact with the owner

Your best bet is represented by luxury villa accommodation that is owned by locals. However, not all of these speak English. You need to find ones who do. Or, you may book with agencies that work with local villa owners, who have a transparent business connection with these. Ask for contact info that can get you to speak with the owner, so you can find out more about the home condition, the facilities, etc.

Know what to expect from high end accommodation

While you will be paying more for a luxury place to stay in Bali, know that you can have certain expectations met. In fact, you can demand so much more than you usually would. This is because the Bali standards are very generous and the Balinese are really committed to taking care of their guests. Tourism is an important business to them and your home will have a pool, air conditioning, cable TV and many more things that will make your stay ultra-comfortable. Most often you will get airport transfers included in the price.

Prices are competitive in Bali, so it’s always a good idea to crosscheck and see which sites offer the best deal. Check your surroundings too, so you can be close to the attractions you like, as well as to everything that’s needed for a perfectly pleasant travel adventure.

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