5 Art Exhibitions to Check While in Singapore This Month

5 Art Exhibitions to Check While in Singapore This Month
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Art is a great way to express the human mind. Whether the exhibits contain abstract art or more concrete depictions, both show the talent of the artist and pass on a message to those who view the art. Singapore has a large number of talented artists and illustrators. The country organizes exhibitions for people to see, appreciate and buy art. If you are planning to tour Singapore this month, then there is a lot of art in store for you. To learn more, you can check more Visa Express’ tips here as they have various guides for Singapore on top of the great immigration services they offer. Let’s go straight to our topic. Here are the popular art exhibitions to check out.

Spectrum Version 2.2

Perception is powerful and makes people believe in many things. More so, it is can be an enigma when fiction plays with the memory. And this is what Spectrum Version 2.2 does. All viewers will find themselves in awe at the work done by Jeremy Sharma. The art embraces the technology of programmes with sound, videos and light to create a visual experience like no other. The best way to get the clearest picture of what we mean is to experience it.

Yayoi Kusama

This exhibit is best explained as an infinity room full of nets and dots. You can also see some pumpkins as you look towards the infinity. Yayoi Kusama is a piece of art that most tourists seek to see and enjoy. It is part of the National Gallery Singapore museum and is easily accessible to the public. Be sure to pay this place a visit when in Singapore.

On Sharks and Humanity

The artists intended to share a message on the interaction between sharks and human beings. We all know there is enmity between the two, and there is no better way to experience this than coming to this exhibition. The art is red and blue to illustrate the water and bloodshed in the water ecosystems. All the sculptures and photographs here point to this theme.

Vietnamese Lacquer Painting

This art exhibit is also found in the National Gallery Singapore. Basically, it is a comparison of two pieces of art at different times. The first piece was created by a Vietnamese artist who used lacquer painting in 1930 to create amazing yet hard to understand art. Also, there is a modern artist who came up with a similar piece of art using modern art materials. The comparison between the two brings great meaning to the viewers.

To the End of the World Imaginarium

Even though this is discussed last, it is one of the best art exhibitions that one must visit while in Singapore. Nine artists are the brain behind it, and one can only imagine how artistic it is. It depicts what the world will look like when urbanization has eaten all the good life of nature and what will be left of us.

Apart from these, one can also check some more exhibitions while in Singapore. However, these are the best that you must not miss if you appreciate art.

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