7 Jobs For People Who Want To Work From Home

7 Jobs For People Who Want To Work From Home
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Not everyone is comfortable in a traditional office job. For some of us, the idea of sitting comfortably on the couch with a laptop and a cup of coffee and working from home is far more appealing. You miss out a tiresome commute, can often have more flexible working hours, and can make more time for your family and hobbies. However, many of the jobs advertised online promising great pay for remote work are scams. Here are 7 legitimate jobs that you could do from the comfort of your couch.

  1. Take up stock market trading. Learning to invest and trade on the stock market can be a great way to earn money and build an investment portfolio, and you can easily do it from home. It’s not a role to take on without an educational foundation, though. Look into self managed super funds courses and find out how you can make this career path work for you.
  2. Become a virtual assistant. Professionals around the world are now hiring virtual assistants to take on their administrative tasks from a remote location. This freelance position is ideal for anyone with excellent organisation skills and a good internet connection. Your daily itinerary can vary depending on the client in question, so this is a great job for flexible, enthusiastic professionals.
  3. Share your expertise through blogging. Believe it or not, you can make a decent amount of money through blogging online. You may have to get dressed every now and again to film a tutorial video, but your time is completely your own. To make it work, you’ll need to set up your own website and social media pages, grow an audience, and look at ways to monetise your blog over the long term.
  4. Market your skills with writing. If you have a way with words and dream of working from home, you could be in luck. There are plenty of freelance writers out there who earn their income by working online. You can write content for websites, do copywriting tasks for businesses, and even ghost write books and other materials. It’s a broad field that’s bound to have something to suit any aspiring writer.
  5. Teach a language online. Teaching English as a foreign language has become a booming industry in the last few years, so anyone with a knack for teaching and languages can now earn some extra cash from home. You can teach students from all over the world on Skype, and offer your services to private individuals and corporations.
  6. Work as a translator. Being bilingual is always a perk, particularly if you want to do business Translators frequently work online, translating documents and audio files for clients and consulting with a range of international companies.
  7. Work in customer service. Not all customer service jobs are office-based. Many companies have customer service representatives taking calls remotely, so if you’re great with people and can handle talking customers through various issues on a daily basis, this position could be a perfect fit. This is a huge industry and there are scammers out there who’ll ask for background check fees and then run with your cash, so make sure you check into the company in question before agreeing to anything.
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