Best Cities in India to Stay as a Bachelor

Best Cities in India to Stay as a Bachelor
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It takes a lot more than we think to move to a new city, start a new life and stand on your own feet. The most primary dilemma for every career starter is, choosing the right place to begin your journey. India is a diverse country, holding unique offerings for every bachelor.

Every city in India has a different taste. The lifestyle varies in each Indian metro. Your choice of moving to a certain city in India could be a huge decision when it comes to starting your career. It should satisfy your needs, the way you like it. Let’s take a look at a few cities in India that could suit your career and lifestyle needs.

1. Bangalore
Popularly known as the silicon valley of India, Bangalore sees a large number of people migrating to this city, every year. The IT hub sees new products and innovative ideas popping up every day, thus, creating job opportunities for every career beginner out there.

Bangalore is the best place to rent a furnished apartment for an affordable price and start living in your own space. The city gives you the liberty to lead your own life, providing the convenience of doorstep delivery of basic necessities. Essentially, almost everything is available on a mobile app in this city, right from room rentals to groceries.

Multiple start-ups and major IT companies like IBM, SAP and Infosys have their head offices situated in this IT capital of India, offering multiple job opportunities for freshers and experienced professionals alike. This does not only apply to engineers, it includes job opportunities for professionals from all fields.

2. Gurgaon
With a steady growth in the number of multinational companies and successful start-ups, this city is the next best place to start your bachelor life in India. With successful start-ups like FabFurnish, Grofers and MakeMyTrip, staying in Gurgaon has rather become a trend with youngsters.

This trend has given rise to lot of economical shared apartment services in Gurgaon, including food and laundry services. The metro connectivity of Gurgaon with Delhi has reduced the time and effort to reach the capital town of India, making it easy to lead a life in Gurgaon. Most people work in Gurgaon and party or shop in Delhi and it’s way to convenient.

3. Mumbai
Often known as ‘the city of dreams,’ Mumbai has been the best place for migrators since early British days. People from all over the country (now world), come to Mumbai to fulfil their dreams of making money on the fly, starting a career in stock market or making it big in Bollywood. Home to a plethora of educational institutions, including the University of Mumbai, this city provides many job opportunities for seekers from any industry.
Apart from being home to one of the biggest stock markets in the world, Mumbai holds the national head offices of multinational organisations like Reliance Industries, Vodafone and Zee network. Mumbai is also home to large number of media houses including press and entertainment, attracting a lot of media students and bachelors from India.

Although it’s difficult to find a shared room in Mumbai, start-ups like NestAway are making it simpler by providing fully furnished shared apartments for bachelors in the city. With property prices on the higher side, this city is known to pay you enough to lead a good lifestyle.

4. Noida
A lesser known counterpart of Delhi, Noida is home to a lot of jobs in every sector. It populates bachelors and career beginners from all over the country. Located only 25 km away from New Delhi, Noida is becoming the next big hub of start-ups in India.

The major local population of Noida flourishes on room rentals from bachelors and migrants which makes it difficult to find a stay in Noida for affordable price. A lot of online portals have begun listing shared room rentals in Noida for bachelors and single girls alike, making it easier than earlier, to find good accommodation.

Although these are the four top cities in India, there are many other cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Faridabad and Ghaziabad that are start-up hubs in the making. Ensure that you find a good space to lay your head before getting the most out of your career. It keeps you safe and sane.

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