Centrifugal juicers – suitable quality and affordable price

Centrifugal juicers – suitable quality and affordable price
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Nowadays it turns trendy to consume healthy food and drink all the natural and nutritious beverages. In terms of general welfare it’s, of course, a huge step in the direction of happier future and healthier generations. The number of fresh enthusiasts rises exponentially with practically every next day. And obtaining a proper juice extractor becomes a matter of good courtesy and keeping up with the times. This, surely, explains why thousands of customers dig through tons of online stores daily in their attempts to find a desired type of product. Assuming, none of them wants his/her money to be thrown down the drain.

The key principles of work

As derived from the name, centrifugal machines extract juice from fruits/vegetables by means of an extremely high rotation speed of a cutting disc. The razor-sharp teeth on the disc surface quickly and easily grind the ingredients of nearly any kind (except for leafy greens). The created centrifugal force momentarily separates the pulp from juice and makes the liquid flow into container with some good amount of yield.

Expectedly, top centrifugal juicers tend to do the job more effectively and grant you with a better taste of the final produce, owning to a higher quality of mechanisms and constructional parts. And considering the price, which is normally lower than that of masticating juicers, they often come as a suitable option for some major part of consumers.

Models to pay attention to


A large chute and a sleek design make this model of a juicer and undisputed sales hit in its category of products. The fact you don’t need to cut ingredients at all and can squeeze an entire fruit at a time creates additional convenience in terms of usability.


Considering its high-end design features and a powerful motor the model deservedly takes a place of honor among all the currently existing centrifugal juicers. 3-inch feed chute and an extra large pulp bin contribute to a high-level versatility and impressive amount of yield.

CUISINART CJE-1000 5-SPEED 1000-WATTlapto[

Despite the fact product comes with a powerful motor it is one of the least noisy centrifugal juicers on the market. A 5-speed function is assigned to provide maximum control of the juice extraction process. Juicing starts by a single touch of a start button. The blue LED indicator will perfectly fit any interior and will just add cool looks to your kitchen.

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