Compare Car Insurance from Bharti AXA with Other Car Insurance Plans Online

Compare Car Insurance from Bharti AXA with Other Car Insurance Plans Online
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It is a given that you care for your car. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, all cars must have a mandatory third-party liability insurance before being driven on Indian roads. Car insurance from Bharti AXA helps you get the same and other additional benefits.

Given below are some essential points that have to be considered when you  begin your quest for wholesome coverage and affordable premium for a new car insurance.

Process of Getting a New Car Insurance from Bharti AXA

Car insurance plans from Bharti AXA  are specifically designed to cover the damages caused by theft or accidental damages to cars. Given below are some simple steps that will guide you in your purchase of a new car insurance by Bharti AXA.

  1. Types of car insurance

Third-Party liability protection and comprehensive car insurance coverage are the two types of plans  offered by the company. While the former compensates you for third-party liability like injuries, death or their property damages only, you get full coverage in the latter.

Comprehensive auto insurance plans cover you and losses/damages to the car  along with providing protection for third-party liabilities. You need to pay own-damage (OD) premium and third-party premium to get protection under the comprehensive plan.

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  1. Compare and purchase car insurance policies online

Once you have decided  the kind of insurance that  fits your bill, it is important to compare various offerings on sites like You may use smart online tools like the insurance calculator to figure out the costs of insurance for annual as well as long-term plans by Bharti AXA.

  1. Enter car and personal details

In order to calculate the premium and coverage for car insurance plans by Bharti Axa , you need to provide accurate car-specific and personal details online. The information to be provided includes  the make and model of your car, year of manufacturing, full address, the location of RTO, insured declared value (IDV), etc.

It is best to provide all details as needed to avoid any claim settlement hassles in the future. Once the needful is done, select add-ons and permissible discounts to get an idea of the final premium.

  1. Make payment

After all the details are properly filed in, do check the summary to figure out errors in computation or sum assured at an early stage. In case you are okay with the summary of the details provided, click on the pay button to get the car insurance you need.

  1. Check and print the policy online

The successful processing of your payment through pre-defined payment gateways will ensure that the car insurance policy is sent as a PDF file to your mailbox.  Check all relevant details like sum assured, exact coverage terms, the tenure of policy, frequency and amount of premium, etc. before printing the same for your records.

Why Is Car Insurance Important?

The reasons  why car insurance  is important for all Indian car owners and drivers are:

  1. Pays for costly damages

There are hundreds of ways in which your car can get damaged or find itself in an accident. The cost of  repairing these damages could be exceptionally high. In case you have a valid insurance in place, the sum assured under a comprehensive car insurance plan from Bharti AXA will take care of the cost of repairs to your car and provide coverage to you and others alike.

  1. Decreases liabilities

Third party liability auto coverage is obligatory in India. It covers you to a large extent for the legal ramifications of an accident involving your car. Bharti AXA will pay for the damages caused to third party property and/or injuries dealt to another driver/pedestrian.

  1. Hospitalization costs are paid for

When you are involved in a car accident, you may incur more than simple bruises or cuts. You may suffer from serious fractures or injuries that need immediate hospitalization and advanced medical treatment. Bharati AXA car insurance agrees to pay for these expenses as per the terms defined in its policies;  go through them carefully before making your buy.

Buy Affordable Bharti  AXA Car Insurance Online

With 3,000+ cashless garages in its network, the company aims at providing hassle-free claim settlements at all times. The act of purchasing car insurance online on leads to lower premiums and therefore, a cheaper plan. Go for it at the earliest!

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