Easy ways to help your garage door last longer

Easy ways to help your garage door last longer
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When you’ve made an investment in smart new garage doors, you want them to last as long as possible. Follow this advice to keep your doors looking good and functioning well for as long as possible.

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For both automatic and manual doors, the Garage Door Association has a Garage Door Safety and Maintenance Guide that points out that routine maintenance of these doors can actually keep family members and children safe. Among the monthly maintenance checks that they suggest are a reversal test, visual inspections and lubrication.

Garage doors: Under-maintained and seldom tested

Statistics show that nearly half of people who own garages have never had the door serviced, and about a third never test the door’s safety features.

Whether you have an automatic or manual door, if the garage is attached to the house, a poorly performing or insecure door will raise the burglary risk for the house itself. If it’s an automatic door, it is actually a safety risk to others.

Inspect the door visually and lubricate

Take a good look at the rollers, hinges, springs and arms. Check that nothing is coming loose or looking very worn. Lubricate with a silicone spray product, spraying those areas that contain moving parts. This will also protect them from rust.

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Consider installing garage shelving systems like those from garage-shelving.co.uk to organise clutter in the garage. That way, maintenance will become less of a chore because tools and lubricants will be easy to find.

Clean the tracking and the door itself

The track the door runs in will tend to attract dirt, debris and grease. Eventually, this will lead to the door jamming. Clean the track by wiping it with a moist cloth, then spraying with a product such as WD40 that will keep it clear of grease clogs.

The exterior of the door should be cleaned with a sponge or a soft cloth. If it is a wooden door, look for paint that is flaking or bubbling. Prompt action will nip the problem in the bud, whereas if it is left, the door could begin to rot. Sand the areas down, and repaint or restain the surface with a good-quality exterior paint.

Follow these tips and your garage doors should give you many years of good service.

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