Great Tourism Resorts Provided by Batam Tourism

Great Tourism Resorts Provided by Batam Tourism
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Batam is one of the tourism destinations offered by Indonesia. This area is famous as the business and shopping center. Batam also becomes the gate to reach Singapore and Malaysia. It will not take much time to go to Singapore, since it is too far. There are six ferry terminals to reach Singapore. Of course, it is not the only things to find in Batam. As islands, Batam is only one of the big islands among more than 2,400 islands of Riau Archipelago. With the context of islands, Batam also provides the great beauty of sea. There are some destinations for enjoying the exotic beauty of South China Sea. Surely, batam tourism is great since it is combination of shopping and business center with the great beauty of sea gardens.

First destination to find is Nagoya. This is one of the famous area in Batam. It is because this place is near the center of Batam. It means that it will not be difficult to access this area. There are many transportation choice to reach Nagoya. This place itself is famous with its area of shopping. People can find and buy many kinds of great modern stuffs. Electronics, clothing and other stuffs can be found in Nagoya. There is Nagoya Super Block where locations are connected by integrated city walk. People can find good malls, condominium and apartment. For visitors, there are various hotels with alternative price. Shopping center is not the only things to find in Nagoya. Nagoya also offers food center that can be found when visitors enjoy walking around the city. Chinese Food, Peking Duck and many kinds of fast foods can be found easily. Surely, Nagoya can be great batam tourism for shopping and business.

When people do not like shopping, Batam still has other things to offer. It is about the beautiful view of sea. Batam, as the islands in the South China Sea, has awesome beauty. Maybe people do not know that Batam has well-protected sea gardens. The awesome sea gardens can be found in two islands. They are Abang Island and Bawah Island. These two islands have their own characteristics and they are worthy to visit and enjoy. These can be great natural view destination of batam tourism.

  • One of the great things about Abang Island is about its very clear water. This very clear and clean water is kept by people living in Abang The people living there are aware the importance of the sea for their lives. That is why they preserve the sea and in fact, it brings them good benefits. Even, Abang Island is called as one of the coral reef rehabilitation. The sea around the island is clear and it has high quality of water. Even, Blue Coral, that is so rare, can be found in Abang Island with other beautiful sea creatures. Of course, snorkeling and diving is possible to do.
  • Then, the other awesome sea gardens can be found in Bawah Island. This is also a diving destination in Batam. One of the good points about this Island is that Bawah Island is made by 5 small islands and they create an awesome blue lagoon. The Bawah Island is also famous as right place to escape from the crowd of the town. Even, this place is called Maldives of Anambas.
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