Growth Hormones Do a Lot More Than Helping You Grow

Growth Hormones Do a Lot More Than Helping You Grow
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Increlex is an injectable form of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Bodybuilders use it to increase muscle mass and improve sports performance.

Increlex is the commercial name for IGF-1, injected by American company Tercica Inc. Like HGH (Human Growth Hormone), IGF-1 is a complex hormone made up of a chain of 70 amino acids. IGF-1 of Tercica is produced by DNA manipulation, synthesized from E. coli bacteria modified by the addition of human IGF-1 gene. The resulting product is identical to endogenous IGF-1.

IGF-1 is the major mediator of HGH

 Growth hormones bind to growth hormone receptors in the liver and peripheral tissues, and stimulate IGF-1 secretion. And this gene, IGF-1, is in fact responsible for the beneficial effects of HGH on the whole organism. Research is also underway to use IGF-1 to treat certain forms of diabetes.

In bodybuilding, it is obviously used for its muscle-stimulating properties most of the time being administered by subcutaneous injection.

IGF-1 is the most important growth hormone mediator, but it is not its only one. Growth hormone has other effects due to other mediators than IGF-1. One of these effects is the reduction of the adipose layer. The presence of IGF-1 in large quantities inhibits this effect. It has been found that the Increlex injection area usually accumulates more fat than the rest of the body. While promoting growth in muscle tissue, Increlex also promotes fat accumulation. For these reasons, it is used especially during the mass accumulation period, HGH being preferred for defining and sharpening.

Increlex will be used for periods between 6 and 16 weeks, in order not to risk the growth of internal organs. Specialty studies have shown that it can be used for years without side effects, provided it is administered correctly and in reasonable doses. The most common side effect, especially for long periods of time, is hypoglycemia (so it’s good to have those simple carbs). The easiest way to avoid this unwanted effect is to consume a small amount of food shortly after dosing. Another negative effect that may occur is the reduction of soft tissue at the facial level. All facts considered though, Increlex seems to be well tolerated by the body, at least when not abused.

In conclusion, Increlex is not the greatest solution for bodybuilders, some steroids being more effective than IGF-1, but it brings significant gains, without great health risks, when used properly.


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