How to maintain your wood floor

How to maintain your wood floor
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Whether you have sanded and restored an old floor or installed engineered wood flooring, you will need to maintain it to keep it looking its best; in fact, one of the attractions of wooden flooring is that it takes very little to keep it looking good if you follow a few simple steps.

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Establish a maintenance schedule

To keep your wooden floors performing beautifully for years to come, take a little time each week to sweep or dust mop them to remove surface dirt. Never use a wet mop or steam cleaner, as water can damage flooring and dull the finish.

Every week, vacuum using the appropriate setting on your cleaner; every month, give your floor a deeper clean with a recommended wood floor product.

If your floors are properly maintained, they only need re-waxing once or twice a year. Never over-wax, and hire a floor buffer to restore their beauty if they have lost their shine.

Depending on the finish – whether varnish or oil – you will need to apply a maintenance coat every three to five years. If you see signs of wear and tear, you may want to sand and refinish. This is something to consider when purchasing oak engineered flooring, for example. Check with a trusted retailer, such as, whether the wear layer on your flooring can be sanded.

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Dos and don’ts for your wood floor

– Don’t use water or products for cleaning other types of flooring. Avoid self-polishing acrylic waxes, which can become slippery. Using the wrong product can result in you having to sand and refinish to remove the product.

– Do use felt protectors for furniture feet and make sure you arrange floor rugs in doorways and by the kitchen sink. In this way, you will avoid spills and bringing mud and stones into the house, which can scratch and soil wood floors.

– Don’t walk on your floors in football boots or high heels, particularly if the nail is visible. A nine-stone woman can exert a force of some 8,000 pounds per square inch, which will punch holes in your floor that are virtually impossible to get rid of.

– Do wipe up spills as soon as they occur to prevent water damage.

Follow these simple tips to keep your floors gorgeous for years to come.

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