How to make a fabric Christmas banner

How to make a fabric Christmas banner
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Nothing says celebration that some good old-fashioned bunting. Why not make your own festive Christmas bunting this year to bring some real cheer to your décor? Here’s how it easy it is:

What you’ll need:

Several different styles of fabric. Check out the wide range of Designer Christmas Fabrics available at higgs and higgs

Pinking shears

 Crinkly Ribbon trim or string about ¼” wide

Eyelet setting pliers and eyelets


Piece of cardboard

  • Download a triangle template or draw one onto a piece of cardboard. Make your triangle as big or small as you want your bunting to be.
  • Trace the outline of your triangle onto your fabric as many times as you want for your bunting. The smaller your triangles, the more you’ll need and vice versa.
  • Cut out the fabric triangles using a pair of pinking shears. The zig zag effect you get with these scissors helps to prevent material from fraying.
  • Using your eyelet pliers, punch holes into the top two corners of each fabric triangle and then set the eyelets into the holes.
  • Next, feed the ribbon trim through each eyelet, spacing the triangles out evenly as you go.
  • The reason for using the ribbon with wobbles or a crinkly design is to prevent the fabric triangles from sliding about once in a hanging position.
  • Now your bunting is ready to hang with pride!
  • If your bunting will be seen from both angles then double up on the fabric, back-to-back when you’re cutting the triangle templates. When you punch holes into the triangles, do it through two instead of one.

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For a banner using strips of material:

You’ll need:

Choice of differently patterned fabric

Some twine

  • Your strips of material can be of any length but for example, you could fold your material over and make 1” wide cuts followed by 18” long.
  • The great thing about this banner is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. If the lengths or widths don’t exactly match, it doesn’t matter.
  • You should aim for around 20 strips in a pile from each different fabric you have.
  • You can follow a set pattern of colours or tie it onto the frame completely at random.
  • To tie the fabric to the twine, fold the fabric in half creating a U shape holding onto the twine behind the material strip.
  • Pull the two fabric tails up to wrap around the twine, posting back through the middle of the fabric but over the top of the twine. Pull them right through the opening. It should now resemble a bow tie. Pull tightly on the tails of the fabric until the bow tie gets smaller.
  • Continue this with all your strips until your banner is full and ready to hang.

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