Market prices of Hyderabad after Telangana divide

Market prices of Hyderabad after Telangana divide
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With the division of Andhra and birth of India’s 29th state Telangana, the phase marked with various changes in the political, economic and social scenarios. Telangana took away 10 of Andhra Pradesh’s prominent 23 regions under its hood. Hyderabad is still serving as a joint capital of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh just like Chandigarh for Punjab and Haryana. The divide has created many issues to rise and show up, as a result, various discords were noticed during the fundamental divide. Discords were mostly based on political or economical. A divide of a state is quite a big issue. It requires the division of provinces, the issue of borders, as well as migration of people accordingly. Not only were the residents in the territory but also the people residing near the border affected. The significant discord that has an impact on a division of a state is finance or economy. After Telangana divide, the market of Hyderabad faced a major downfall in this decade.

With the passing of AP State Reorganization Bill, the formation of Telangana took place resulting in the industry bifurcation which was expected to be useful for both Telangana as well as Seem Andhra areas. But the major issue that arouses is real estate valuation. With the split, the real estate industry faced a momentary crisis in Hyderabad, and the market value of the buildings started going down as well. Not just the real estate, but various other sectors such as medicine, commodities, and land value all went through turmoil. It took some time for them to stabilize and newer opportunities for real estate started opening at new Telangana state.

Coming back to Hyderabad, just after the split it was a not advised to invest in the real estate market of Hyderabad due to the recent commotion. It was considered as non-profitable as well as difficult. There was a sudden downfall in various prices and even till 2016, there was no hope of the increase in the market value. People began getting confused as which state’s capital Hyderabad will serve. But this didn’t stop the people from investing in real estates in Hyderabad the main reason being that Hyderabad might be going through a political turmoil right now, but it is the HITECH city. So, in future chances of stability are high. It is estimated that within the next two years, the scenario is bound to change and the market value is determined to go high for the capital city.Click hereto read more about the Hyderabad real estate.

It’s just not Hyderabad that got affected. Various regions in and around were affected as well. But people found it wise to invest in different localities of Hyderabad like:

  1. Banjara Hills– considered as one of the peaceful residential areas located in the greater Hyderabad.
  2. Nallagandla– on the outskirt of Hyderabad is Nallagandla, which is developing like a beast and is considered as one of the highest invested localities.
  3. Manikonda– the suburban area Manikonda, is well-known for significant development in the industrial as well as residential sector. It serves as a hub for many IT industries.
  4. Jubilee Hills– it is considered as one of the elite areas of Hyderabad and serves the home for many prominent personalities.

There are other localities as well like Gachibowli, Uppal, Tellapur, Kukatpally, Abids, etc. who have seen massive development as well as the rise in real estate market value in the previous year. But as a matter of fact, real estate market faced severe drop during the split. At the same time, the political scenarios didn’t advise people to look for lands In Hyderabad just immediately. A Huge improvement has come up after a year, and people have been investing in real estates in Hyderabad since 2016.


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