Packing Tips and Tricks while Travelling

Packing Tips and Tricks while Travelling
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Travelling makes your soul happy. For some people, travelling is like reading books. It becomes an addiction. Many people go for business purpose while some of them travel in order to inspire themselves to write. Travelling helps to unravel the beauty and beast of a world which is unfamiliar. When you travel, you discover more about yourself, and this increases your self-confidence. The first and most important thing which comes to your mind while travelling is packing. Whether you travel for the first time or you are a seasoned globetrotter, you always need to have a travel checklist which would help your packing easier. Everyone should know how to organise your luggage correctly.

Given below are some of the tips you which you would definitely refer to when you go on a trip.

  1. Picking the correct luggage: choosing your main luggage correctly is very important. It should be lightweight, versatile and big enough to accommodate all of your essentials. Buy your luggage wisely because nobody wants a broken wheel or broken handle while travelling.

Different types of luggage come with distinct advantages. Let’s have a look.

  • If you are travelling to a place where there are paved roads and sidewalks, then you can definitely go with the rolling luggage. They eliminate the need to carry your luggage in your bag.
  • Travel backpacks are perfect when you don’t want that extra weight of the wheels while travelling.
  • Duffle bags are the most versatile travelling bags. They are light-weighted, simple and you can just sling it over your shoulder. They are durable, and wheels can be added to it.

Always remember, the type of luggage you carry reflects who you are. So, choose the ones which are stylish, durable and light-weight.

  1. Do not fold your clothes, instead, try to roll them. The process of rolling your clothes is faster than folding them, and it ends up maximizing your space inside your luggage. For your wrinkle-prone fabrics or the delicate ones, you can try the classic layer cake fold to fold them.
  2. Bring your bras together and stack them. Stacking them on top of each other helps to save your space.
  3. Always carry an extra empty bag to carry the laundry. This keeps it separated from the fresh ones. You can also stick some dryer sheets inside your luggage to keep your clothes smell clean and fresh.
  4. Place your shoes inside a shoe bag. If you do not have a shoe bag, you can also use a shower cap. This would prevent your dirty shoes from touching your clothes as well as keep the smell of the shoes away.
  5. When you travel, you often end up wearing your pair of bottoms two times. In order to avoid overpacking, always try to pack two tops for every pair of bottoms.
  6. An easy trick to prevent wrinkles is to pack your clothes inside out. This method also prevents your clothes from stains. Your white and light coloured clothes are safe from any debris present inside your luggage.
  7. You can utilise the unused space inside your shoes to store your essentials such as headphones. Make every nook count; do not waste any unused spaces.
  8. Perfume bottles should be carried with extra precaution such that they do not break. Use a sock to store your breakables and keep them safe.
  9. Wires of your earphone and charger and form messy tangles. You can simply store them in a sunglass case by rolling them up tightly. This ensures that they do not move around and create a mess. You can also keep your jewellery safe inside a sunglass case.
  10. Whenever you are carrying rolling luggage with you, try to put the heaviest items close to the wheels so that the weight is distributed evenly inside the luggage.
  11. Carry a toiletry bag with you to keep your makeup, toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant and other personal hygiene products.

Besides all clothing and body products, do not forget to carry a health kit with you while travelling. These include a thermometer, some pain and fever reliever tablets, allergy medicines, eye drop, an antibacterial ointment and a photocopy of your personal prescriptions. Also keep your essential travel documents, cash and credit cards with you. Most importantly, do not forget to leave some extra spaces in your luggage. You can make use of this additional space to carry the purchases you make during travel.

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