Recover From the Shackles of Drug Addiction

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Addiction to drugs is a disease of the brain and it is chronic. In this the addict seeks and uses drugs in huge quantities, so much so that it is harmful for him/her, but he/ she is not able to survive without it even after knowing the dire consequences of its consumption. Whenever, any person becomes an addict, it is not just them who go through a life of hell but also the people closely attached to them.

Here it should be mentioned that drug addiction is not the same as drug abuse. Addiction is something that you cannot live without, while abuse is the wrong use of something. Though both may be interconnected, yet they are essentially varied. This differentiation becomes important when the consideration of recovery is being made.Image result for Recover From the Shackles of Drug Addiction

Whether it is abuse or addiction both need to be treated and the addict helped to come out of that troublesome situation. It might be a difficult task but it is never impossible and especially with the 12 step process that Erik Bugen proposes, the recovery from any drug addiction is most certain.

The 12 strep process is a recovery treatment which, as the name suggests, ahs 12 different steps, by the time an addict reaches the 12th step, he/ she is a totally transformed person. The following are the names of the 12 different steps:

  1. Powerlessness 2. Hope 3.Surrender 4.Inventory 5.Confession 6.Readiness 7.Asked God 8.Amends List 9.Make Amends 10.Continue Inventory 11.Keep contact and 12.Help others.

Each of the steps are a step towards a more wholesome and meaningful life. This process is initiated and helped by the mentors and guides at the Wellness and Recovery Clinic owned by Erik Bugen. This is a complete procedure which does not just help in helping one come out of the difficult situation of drug addiction but also in the process completely altering the lifestyle of the addict. This 12 step method sort of brings one closer to the inner recesses of oneself and helps him/her recognise his/her true self.

This overtly strong urge to consume any or some kind of drug is done when one fails to find any hope and happiness in life. This 12 step process helps the person regain and recognise that happiness in his life, so that they have something to look forward to in life and live their life accordingly without wasting it.

The consequences of drug addiction can be from short term to long term; it could end up into long lasting damages of the physical and mental health of a person. The emotional aspect is damaged to a large extent which includes relationships too.

Though it is the individual who falls into the trap of drug addiction by themselves, yet recovering from it successfully requires the involvement and concern of the close relations of the addict to assist the person extensively to come out of that situation. A lot of love and understanding needs to be made available to the addict if a wholesome recovery of the addict is desired.

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