Should you get a dash cam?

Should you get a dash cam?
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Even the most eagle eye among us cannot be looking at everything that is happening on the road while we drive. Accidents can happen in a split second, and a correctly installed dash cam can be a valuable tool in settling an insurance claim or dispute.

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What is a dash cam?

A dash cam is an in-car system in the form of a camera that allows you to make and store a video recording complete with audio of your car journey. There are already many insurance companies that allow dash cam footage as evidence after an insurance claim or dispute.

Types of dash cams

A front-view dash cam is most effective for recording footage of the road ahead including pedestrians, cyclists, motor cyclists, other drivers and obstacles. A front-view dash cam is likely to be cheaper than the other types of dash cam, but the restriction of only being able to see ahead of you is a factor to consider.

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A front and rear-view dash cam offers the benefit of recording incidents in front and to the rear of your vehicle, such as a rear-end collision. This is perhaps worth the investment when you consider how many road accidents do happen that involve the rear of a vehicle.

A cabin view dash cam offers a recording of the inside of your vehicle, which is certainly useful if you happen to be a taxi driver or offer car services. Being able to see inside a vehicle offers other benefits, such as being able to check valuable goods in a vehicle; this is particularly useful if the vehicle has a van lining that obscures the view from the front seats of a van such as

Why install a dash cam?

Social media and the news are just some of the avenues dash cam footage has been promoted, either negatively or positively, over the past few years. Their increasing popularity means the footage is more readily accepted by insurance companies. According to Which, 2015 saw the first prison sentence as a result of dash cam footage.

Not only are they useful in recording evidence, but they also serve as a useful reminder to check your own driving skills. Dash cams can also serve to help locate your vehicle via GPS if you break down or your vehicle is stolen.

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