Should you invest in a new garage?

Should you invest in a new garage?
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It could be very beneficial for you to invest in a new garage. Not only will it provide that extra, secure space that some of us badly need, but it should also add value to your property. In this day and age, this is highly important as a property is harder to sell if it doesn’t have adequate parking. The question is, where do you start?

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What style of garage to choose?

You want your garage to fit in with the style of your house, and your neighbours. Ask yourself what you want the primary function of your garage to be. Is it purely somewhere to park your car, or are you thinking you might convert it in the future? Or maybe, you just need extra storage using garage racking systems.

Do you need planning permission?

If you need to have planning permission to build your garage, consider the future possibilities of whether you might wish to convert it into an extra living space and include a request for this option to save doing it later. With this in mind, you need to think about foundations, water and power. You need to research planning application information, before you can start your project.

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Should you insulate a garage?

Depending on where your garage is going to be located, then insulation is key to keeping your building warm, especially if the garage is going to have shared walls. If you’re keeping it as a garage, you’ll need less insulation than if you want to convert it at a later date. If you want the garage to be purely for storage, consider hiring companies such as, so you can maximise the space accordingly.

What door design should you choose?

There are many different styles of doors to choose from and these come in different materials, depending on the look you’re after. A popular favourite is the up-and-over one piece, but you can also choose a vertical lifting door. While steel is very hard wearing, timber doors are becoming more common, but essentially, security should be top of your considerations.

Remember, your garage space can be a versatile option as your needs change over time. The design of a garage as a multi-purpose space will make a great selling point, so consider all the possibilities from the start.

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