The Benefits of Using a Home Builder

The Benefits of Using a Home Builder
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Moving can be stressful, especially when the perfect home you want isn’t out there. So it’s worth considering to use a home builder rather than just buying an existing home. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. You Actually Get What You Want

With buying an existing home, you’ll probably have to compromise between features. But with using a home builder, you won’t have to choose between your top priorities. You can build the exact number of rooms, bathrooms, and other certain amenities you’d like. Planning way in advance is essential though, since building your own home takes more time than just purchasing an existing home but most would say it’s worth it. You’ll also have a safer home since you will have a new HVAC system, better insulation, and air filtration. The rumor that “building a home is more expensive than buying an existing home” is only true if a client makes it that way.Image result for The Benefits of Using a Home Builder

  1. Better for Your Health and Your Planet

A new home might be literally better for you and the environment. A new home has less chance of toxic concerns that an older home might have. No mold, lead paint, asbestos, etc. A new home can be healthier for the environment too! Energy Star rated appliances, more efficient toilets, electrical fixtures, and much more features help you to have a greener home that will be sustainable in the long run. And newer homes have the option to be upgraded further to have features like solar panels to be even greener.

  1. No Surprises

There’s less chance for unexpected checks being written to fix something later. By working with a reputable builder and having an agreeable contract in place, your house is less likely to go over budget or take longer than you expected to finish. An existing home might have hidden problems that you might not discover until after buying like termites in the attic, mold in the crooks and crannies of the home, or cracks in the foundation. When building, to avoid surprise price increases, use a lump-sum contract instead of a cost-plus contract- that way you have a fixed cost set in stone that will put extra costs on the builder rather than your checkbook.

  1. Privacy and Lot Choice

With building your own home comes the choice of where you want to live. Buying an existing home can sometimes conflict with your dream location. You might find the perfect house but it’s not in the right school district or it’s too far from the subway. Building your home, you get to pick your own lot so that the sun comes in through the perfect windows in the morning and you can find a place that is close enough to both your children’s school and your work. And, yes, chances are when building your own home you can’t be in the heart of a city, but if you’re looking for some privacy then building a home could be the right pick for you. You could build your forever home in the suburbs right near your job or on top of the mountain you’ve dreamt living on.

  1. It Becomes an Extension of Yourself

There’s a certain pride that comes from taking the ideas that started in your head and on your Pinterest board and making them come to life on a property. The home means more to you and it feels even more so yours because of the fact that no other footsteps (or paw prints) were left by a previous homeowner. Your unique flare will be shown when you add a dance studio room to the first floor, or extra shelving built into the walls for your massive movie collection, or a custom window seat for the bookworm in you.

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