The Success Story of Australian SEO Tycoon Nick Bell

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When he opened his own SEO business, seven years ago, he had no more than $400 in his bank. Although Web Marketing Experts was his last crack, the company currently employs 450 employs and has an annual turnover of $45 million.

When he was 24, Bell ran his first business – SkinB5. This skincare business was developed due to the fact that Bell suffered from bad skin for over a decade. Although he managed to run the business for three years, he found it difficult to maintain it – especially due to the lack of funding. Furthermore, since this was an online business, Bell was able learn a great deal about search engine optimization.

At the age of 27, Bell planned to start his own online marketing company. Thanks, a $250 Vietnamese web design and a few cold calls, he was finally able to land on his first client. Ever since that, he has reinvested every penny back into the company.

Currently, WME has branches in Singapore, Dubai, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and the US. The company launched their first office in China last month. Since China is quite a competitive market, Bell believes that it will be a game-changer.  

Bell expanded his business to China since he considered it to be a challenge. He didn’t know the market and wasn’t familiar with the search engines used in the country. This challenge influenced him to invest in China.

Since he has also worked in the recruitment and hospitality industries, Bell knows how to read and understand people. He has learned a lot about customer service as well.

Bell launched his first app development company “Appscore”, four years ago. Currently, he has expanded it to foreign markets such as Singapore and China and is launching it in Hong Kong in a few months.

He believes that entrepreneurs must surround themselves with intelligent and innovative people who are concerned about the business. Since his company is a people resource-heavy one, Bell says that he needs to rely on other people a lot. This means that there needs to be a great deal of trust.

Even if he reaches his milestone, Bell says that he always wants to be better. He advises young entrepreneurs in the field to always be on the game. He says that is perfectionism is essential and there must be a sense of urgency.

Finally, Belle states that an entrepreneur must always be true to his word. He says that a product does not go out into the market and sells itself. You need to get out there and sell it yourself!

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