Wainscoting: Why Install Wall Panels Can Be Your First Choice

Wainscoting: Why Install Wall Panels Can Be Your First Choice
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Wainscoting has become the number one wall decoration option in most homes today. So, it’s only fair to say that most households use it as a mere wall décor rather for practical purposes. But if you think about it, wainscot panels can do so much more!

The functional side of wainscoting goes centuries back

Historically, wall panel wainscoting was used for protection. The idea was to cover the wall with boards to increase insulation, hide imperfections, and protect the wall from chairs and other objects.

(To wainscot is to line walls with boards)

And traditionally, these boards were made of wood. Don’t forget that the concept of wainscoting began in Europe in the 18th century where people used available wood species (mostly oak) to create boards for their walls. At that point, people didn’t have the means to fix wall damage. And so wainscot panels became a necessity. Today we do.

Do we install bead boards for the same purposes today?

So, is modern wainscoting used for the purpose of protecting walls today? The truth is that nowadays wall panels are mostly used as basic interior design elements. Available in many styles and colors, they enhance the looks of any room in the house – from kitchens and bedrooms to hallways, bathrooms, and staircases. But they also dress up walls in commercial properties. They have become the ultimate wall design alternative.

The ‘form follows function’ approach

The American architect Louis Sullivan coined the phrase ‘form follows function’ to point out that form won’t change unless function does. In modern architecture, this phrase is translated as too many decorative elements are superfluous. It’s important to keep interior elements practical to enhance functionality and change the form. And that brings us to the functional side of wainscoting. Alex Mouldings offered modern designs that can be perfect with your home interior.

3 main reasons for installing wainscoting panels

Whether you know it or not, your raised panel at home does much more than simply decorating your wall. Think about it.

A raised panel wainscoting will conceal any imperfections and flaws on the wall. Whether the wall is old, its surface is uneven, or the plaster is cracked, the board will disguise the imperfections and thus will become the best wall renovation option.

The panels are easy to maintain. Are they scratched? You can easily sand and repaint them and they will be as good as new. If a panel is damaged, it can be easily replaced. So no fuss at all.

With panels covering the walls, insulation is increased. After all, wood is a natural insulator and most wainscoting panels are made of wood.

Don’t forget that the wainscoting installation choices today are not limited to 1/3 panels. Although the traditional way of installing wainscot is to cover half way up the wall or even lower and placing the chair rail on the top, today there are floor-to-ceiling options. And such choices improve insulation even more.

What enhances the functional side of wainscoting is that the boards are not only made of wood. Today, you can find MDF and plastic boards too. And although wood is beyond compare when it comes to elegance, other moisture-resistant boards will make excellent bathroom wainscoting design ideas.

Aesthetics is another advantage of wainscoting installation

The high aesthetics of modern or classic wainscoting is another advantage. You can easily transform a room. Any room. And you can add the visual interest you want by choosing the profile, color, style, and size. From curved to full wall and half wall panels or a combination of all will give you the chance to dress up walls in any room. Not to mention that you can keep the traditional wooden looks or explore the playful elegance of colorful or white beadboards.

With the bead board you choose, you can marry function and elegance and blend traditional with contemporary looks. This way, you will transform not only the looks but overall ambiance of each room without compromising functionality. As a matter of fact, function will change sparing you from extra hassle and giving room to enhanced beauty. A win-win it is!

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