What health checks do you need? The guide for women aged 60 and above

What health checks do you need? The guide for women aged 60 and above
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An important part of healthy ageing includes regular visits to your GP. But what health checks do you need and when? The experts at home doctor service House Call Doctor recommend the following checks for women over 60.

For heart health

  • Request a blood pressure test yearly to ensure it’s in a healthy range
  • Check your cholesterol every five years unless you are already considered high risk, in which case request a cholesterol check every one to two years as recommended by your doctor.

For women’s health

  • Request a Cervical Screening Test two years after your last Pap test. If your results are normal, request another Cervical Screening Test every five years
  • If you have family history of ovarian cancer or are experiencing symptoms of ovarian cancer, request a screening as advised by your doctor
  • Request a mammogram every two years to screen for breast cancer.

Bladder and bowel health

  • Request a bowel cancer test every two years
  • Request a urine test every year to assess kidney health.

Bone health

  • To screen for osteoporosis, request a bone health review and falls risk assessment every two years.

Skin health

  • Request a skin examination every year to screen for skin cancer.

Eyes, ears and dental health

  • Request an eye and ear test yearly to check for signs of decline
  • Ensure your teeth are examined and cleaned by your dentist yearly, to check for gum and tooth disease.

Blood sugar

  • Request a blood sugar check yearly to test for diabetes.

Remember that these health checks are a vital part of maintaining your health in your 60s; they can prevent and detect possible illnesses early on, which can improve your long-term health.

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