Winstrol And Testosterone: What Are The Results Of These Two Steroids?

Winstrol And Testosterone: What Are The Results Of These Two Steroids?
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Winstrol is one of the most popular steroids – one can see this easily with all cases of doping reported in the media. For example, stanozonol is one of the substances that allowed Ben Johnson to perform magic sprints in 1988. This had also given this outstanding athlete very visible gains in quality muscles, firm and well defined, even going so far as to be the envy of several bodybuilders. During the first professional bodybuilding championship where doping tests were in place, Arnold’s Classic 1990, the winner Shawn Ray, and the prominent Canadian pro, Nimrod King, both tested positive for Winstrol (stanozonol). (Source: Flex, July 1990).

What differentiates the injectable winstrol from most other steroids is the fact that most steroids are dissolved in oil, while winstrol is dissolved in water. Although most bodybuilders familiar with steroids know the difference, the practical application of this knowledge does not always appear: The periods between winstrol depot injections should be shorter than for most other steroids. The reason for this is the relatively short half-life of steroids. Those that are dissolved in water should be administered at least every two days, while the best results are observed in daily administrations.

The substance stanozonol is a precursor of dihydrotestosterone, which has the effect of preventing the transformation into estrogens. Water retention is also very rare. Based on these characteristics, the primary utility of winstrol is evident with regards to bodybuilding: Preparing for a Competition. Accompanied by a diet low in calories and rich in proteins, winstrol depot gives the muscles an appearance of hardness and definition incomparable with anything else.

Winstrol is usually not the only steroid used during a diet because its low androgen content does not always protect the athlete from loss of muscle tissue. The missing androgenic effect is often balanced by the addition of Parabolan. Although there is no scientific evidence of a combined action between Winstrol and Parabolan, based on several practical experiments, the synergistic effect seems probable. Other steroids often taken in combination with Winstrol in preparation for competition include Masteron, Equipoise, Oxandrolone, Testosterone propionate, Primobolan, HGH.

Test and Winny cycle results can be a little disappointing at first, but with patience you will obtain something that is worth the time and money that you spent on it.

Winstrol is not only useful for preparing for competitions; it can also be used in a phase of mass gain. Since it does not cause water retention, fast weight gains with Winstrol depot are quite rare. On the other hand, a strong muscular gain and a large increase in strength occur, which, in addition, usually remain even after you stop using the product.


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