10 Tips to Enjoy More In Budget on an Extended Tour!

10 Tips to Enjoy More In Budget on an Extended Tour!
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A smart traveler doesn’t spend a fortune on every vacation. He knows the simple ways to do more for less, and he would prefer covering more than one destination at a time, instead of spending time at one place. Of course, we aren’t talking of retreats here, but more about adventure tour holiday. So, what does it take to travel in a small budget for an extended adventure tour? Here are the 10 pointers you need.


  1. Think of traveling in a group. Group bookings for hotels and general local transfers can cost a lot less if you are traveling with at least five to six people.
  2. If you are looking for discounts, check online portals. Most of the travel portals will offer some discount and offer, especially for online bookings.
  3. When you are sure of the travel dates, try to get bookings as early as you can. Flights and hotels cost at least 20% less, when booked three to four months in advance.
  4. Don’t miss on checking for coupon codes online. Many of the websites accept these codes and discount vouchers, which can entail anywhere between 5% and 30% or even more.
  5. It is best to have some cash with your at a local destination. Try to exchange your money back home, so that you get the best rates.
  6. Check the bank charges for debit and credit card transactions abroad. There may be some commission and other costs, and as a rule of thumb, one should try to use your debit card as much as possible.
  7. Do pay for travel insurance. A lot of mishaps and unprecedented situations can happen at new destinations, like flight delays, cancellations and luggage loss, and travel insurance will help in covering most things.
  8. If time is not a big factor for your journey, look for stop-over flights. These fights are cheaper and can be a good way to save on the big airline costs.
  9. Also, if you are traveling light or are on a small break, avoid check-in luggage to save money. Ask your travel agents for options.
  10. Finally, do check for travel packages. All-inclusive packages are pretty good when it comes to getting value for money, and you can get everything in order. Check for deals that would cover local transport and meals.

Not to forget, do compare a few deals before you book a package, especially for longer vacations.

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