10 web design tips for 2018 and beyond

10 web design tips for 2018 and beyond
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The world of web design never stands still, so keep up to date with the latest trends to keep your website relevant.

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1. Mobile-friendly

A recent article in Search Engine Journal makes the point that the majority of internet searches now take place on smartphones, with Google penalising sites that fail to provide a mobile-friendly version.

2. Videos and GIFs

Well-placed videos and GIFs can enhance your site’s usability and value.

3. Grid layout

A card design with grid layout creates clear and uncluttered website designs. This is best left to the experts, but you can easily source a professional London web design company to build a modern and effective site that attracts high-value visitors.

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4. Branded illustrations

In this hot trend for the coming year, branded illustrations help to engage visitors and add real value to your brand.

5. Unique images

Say goodbye to stock photography, which leaves visitors cold. Use meaningful and relevant images that visitors won’t find elsewhere.

6. Storytelling

Engage your visitors with a storytelling experience that merges your web design with your brand’s core values. When done well, this can increase your visitor retention rates dramatically, so call on experts to help refine your website with this in mind. If you’re looking for a top Web development company London offers plenty of choice, but you can source good web designers in most parts of the country.

7. Micro-interactions

Encouraging your visitors to participate in some way with your brand – even through something as simple as a “Like” on social media, for example – helps them to form an engagement and even loyalty with your brand, so encourage this as much as possible.

8. Typography

Using text in a variety of styles and colours can help to make your message sing out. Excellent graphic design techniques can convey as much as a video or photograph whilst using far less bandwidth.

9. Minimalist design

There’s a move away from all extraneous detail that distracts the visitor from your site’s core message. Keep your site sleek and lean for fast loading times and to convey your brand’s core message with maximum impact.

10. Artificial intelligence

An AI Chat Bot could add real value to your site, offering help and assistance to visitors 24/7. Expect to see much more of this technology in the coming months.

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