5 Prerequisites for a Romantic, Peaceful and Affordable Honeymoon in Seminyak, Bali

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Bali is undeniably romantic – many solo travelers have said they would have wanted to share their incredible experiences with a significant other. If you’re lucky to have a loving partner and you’re about to celebrate your love, Seminyak in Bali is possibly your best chance at having an exotic yet affordable holiday. Here’s what you must have on your list in order to ensure comfort, affordability and fun:

  1. Beach wining and dining

What could be more inspiring than a sunset in Bali? The locals are well aware of this and thus you will see countless beachfront businesses. Some restaurants are right on the beach. You can have a stunning dinner experience as you try out Indonesian cuisine; have your feet in the sand and gaze at the sunset together with your beloved one while a gentle candle light flickers on the table. You’ll be so mesmerized you’ll want to repeat this every evening.3

  1. Luxury villa accommodation

Luxurious accommodation (private rentals especially) tends to be very pricey, but not in Seminyak. Think about spending your honeymoon not in a hotel, surrounded by countless other people and not enjoying all the comfort you need. You can have a house with a pool of your own, completely deluxe and situated far from all noise and clutter. Bali luxury villas Seminyak holidayers prefer are the ones facing either the sea or the rice fields. Booking one of these will make sure you get the much needed quiet time as well as privacy. Bali can get noisy at times, as it hosts fabulous parties and draws crowds.

  1. Photo session booking

You have this option that lets you wear traditional Balinese wedding costumes, while a professional photographer takes pictures of you and your soulmate. This could be just for fun, or you might realize that it actually makes for a very special event and you are really getting into the atmosphere and the style. Take this chance to create unique memories and evidence that you will be proud of.

  1. Spa treatment

Spa sessions are usually affordable in Bali and there are many tourists who schedule one for each day of their stay. Do not get the wrong idea – in spite of the price, you’ll get real experts and high quality products, of which you’ll be able to buy your own batch to take home if you want. As expected, you’ll get to choose between various themes, all exotic and enticing. Opt for a relaxing massage along with local fragrances and oils.

  1. Temple tour

With so many traditional temples dotting the region, it would be a shame not to visit one – at least to satisfy one’s curiosity if not the spiritual sense. This can prove to be a soul travel journey for the both of you and a bonding experience for sure. Bali temples are easy to reach and you may even be lucky to participate in a ceremony or offering.

Bali has a magic aura that is only amplified when you’re visiting with your significant other. It’s about everything that it offers you besides the beaches, the bronze, the cocktails and the waves.

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