5 Signs That You Need Help With Maintaining and Repairing Your Lawn

5 Signs That You Need Help With Maintaining and Repairing Your Lawn
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If you have been taking care of your lawn, there are easy-to-spot signs that indicate that you are not doing your job properly. You might not be spending enough time working on your lawn, for example, or you make a lot of mistakes doing your lawn maintenance chores.

Continuing to take care of your lawn haphazardly and improperly will cause more harm than good. And once you have a serious problem, going the DIY route to repair the damage simply won’t cut it; you will need help from lawn care professionals.

Lawn care providers from Chesterfield, MO share below the top five signs that indicate you need help from the pros to repair, maintain, and improve your lawn:

1.Overgrown weeds

Lawns that have more weeds than grass is a problem that you never want to face. When you have this lawn problem, pulling out the weeds manually is not an option. To get rid of a weed infestation, you will need to use an herbicide.

Choosing the right herbicide to use, though, can be tricky. This is because not all herbicides are the same; if you pick the wrong one, you will end up killing not only the weeds, but other plants as well. Likewise, using an herbicide incorrectly will cause the same problem.

Lawn care professionals have a variety of high-quality herbicides. They will assess your weed overgrowth problem and specific lawn conditions, and select the best product based on these factors. Moreover, seasoned service providers are trained in the proper and safe application of herbicides and, as such, will get rid of the weeds without damaging your lawn.

2.Dead grass

If your lawn has brown or yellow patches of grass, or the whole turf is already brown instead of green, it means that the grass is dying because of lack of water or nutrients or because you cut them too short.

Nursing your turf back to health is not an easy thing to do. You will have to spend hours carefully watering and feeding it to give it the nutrients it needs.

Lawn care service providers have the experience and expertise required to turn an unsightly brown lawn into a lush landscape again.  Aside from applying fertilizer, they can install a sprinkler system to ensure that your lawn gets enough water regularly.  An irrigation system also eliminates the guesswork in terms of determining how much water your lawn needs weekly, making life so much simpler.

3.Presence of pests

Insects, rodents, and other animals can easily destroy your lawn. Allowing these pests to stay in your yard is a huge mistake since they will multiply quickly and cause more damage to all the plants you have outdoors.

If you have too many of these pests, the traps and pest control products you can buy from the store won’t be enough to keep them away.

Insects, for instance, come in various types and sizes, so using only one pest control approach to eliminate various species won’t work. Lawn care professionals can provide a comprehensive pest control service. They will determine the particular type of pest infestation problem or problems you have, treat them, and give advice on how to prevent them from coming back.

4.Drainage problems

A yard drainage problem can cause you a lot of inconveniences. When water frequently pools in your lawn, your grass and other plants can die from too much hydration. Soil will also start to erode, and the water can stain your home’s foundation if it pools near your house. Puddles of muddy water do nothing for the aesthetic of your landscape, either.

Lawn care and landscaping companies offer water management solutions that can fix this problem. Lawn care professionals from St. Charles, MO say that landscaping teams will identify the water patterns in your yard and implement the most suitable corrective drainage measure to prevent this issue from happening again.

5. Seasonal damage

After winter, your lawn will need some serious care to become green and lovely again. Your grass will turn brown and there may be moss and thatch on certain areas of your lawn. Your yard will be littered with debris from fallen branches as well.

To restore the health of your yard, you need to remove the moss and thatch by raking or scarifying your ground. You will also need to overseed and fertilize your lawn.

These are gardening chores that require a lot of time and hard work. Certain supplies and specialized tools are required as well.

You can ensure all these tasks are done properly and your outdoor space is nursed back to health when you let specialists handle these.

There is nothing wrong with going the DIY route to enhance and care for your lawn. However, unless you are fully knowledgeable and experienced in this kind of work, it would be impractical to perform these tasks correctly and put your outdoor space at risk of costly damage. So your best move is to get help from a trusted lawn care and landscaping service provider.

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