Clean Your Home’s Wood Deck In the Spring

Clean Your Home’s Wood Deck In the Spring
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After a long winter, you will want to spend more time outside your home. Damp and cold winter weather can lead to a messy deck, but you can make the space more beautiful with a few hours of work. Wood is the most popular material used for building a deck outside a home, and it can absorb dirt. Wood deck cleaning is essential in the early spring so that you can relax outside comfortably. Most wooden decks are made of these types of wood:

These durable wooden materials will often repel insects, but experts also recommend an application of protective substances to keep termites from chewing on your deck.

Sweep Your Wooden Deck

Despite protecting your deck with an application of waterproofing liquids or sprays, it will collect an assortment of debris over the winter. Begin cleaning your deck by sweeping it with a broom along with removing the buildup of debris that is stuck between the planks of wood. You may need to use a tool to loosen dried debris such as mud or decayed leaves, but you should use caution to avoid damaging the wood planks.

Wash the Wood to Eliminate Algae and Mold

Next, spray your wooden deck with the water from a garden hose to remove additional dirt. As the deck dries, use a rake around the edges of the deck to get rid of grass or weeds that are encroaching on the surface of the deck. After the wood on the deck dries, you may notice other problems such as mold or algae growth that makes the surface ugly and might create a foul mildew odor. You can remove this discoloration and odor with a store-bought deck cleanser, or you can mix warm water and bleach in a bucket to clean your home’s wooden deck. After you are sure that the stains are removed, rinse the deck again with cool water from a garden hose.

Make Sure That the Deck Is Dry Before Staining or Painting It

After wood deck cleaning, you may need to apply new stain or paint to the deck’s surface, but make sure that the wood is dry first. In addition, before you paint or stain your home’s wooden deck, verify that it won’t rain for several days so that the surface can dry completely. You may want to complete a test first to make sure that the paint or stain that you are using will work correctly on the wood, and you can do this by applying stain or paint to a small section of wood to see how it reacts.

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