Dos and don’ts for cleaning your football boots

Dos and don’ts for cleaning your football boots
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To save you frequently buying new expensive football boots, you need to clean them as thoroughly and often as possible.


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Exercising and playing sports are vital for our health, so read on to find out everything you need to know about caring for your football boots.

The guide to cleaning

After use, loosen your laces and remove your boots properly, avoiding kicking them off. Knock the boots together to remove loose mud and debris, then use a stiff brush on the soles of the boots.

Once you have done this, remove smaller particles of mud using warm water and a cloth. A toothbrush will enable you to get into the small grooves and crevices.

A handy tip to keep your boots’ shape and dry them quickly is to stuff them with newspaper. Replace the newspaper as it gets wet and soaks through. Place your boots in a warm place to dry thoroughly.

Once dried, grease the boot studs with petroleum jelly to prevent rust and any soil sticking when you next wear them. Use just enough to reduce friction, avoiding using too much. Polish them well to ensure the leather keeps its colour and allow this to set for 24 hours. Applying natural leather oil will keep the boot leather supple and waterproof.


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Dos and don’ts

Team football kits are available from suppliers such as When it comes to your boots, follows these dos and don’ts:

– Don’t kick your boots off using the heel, as this causes damage and affects the fit.
– Don’t use a brush made of wire to clean your football boots, as it is too harsh. Use a natural material instead.
– Don’t use washing up liquid or any other cleaning agent. Harsh chemicals can lead to damage; instead, opt for a cloth and warm water.
– Don’t place your boots near a radiator to dry them quicker. This will lead to them stiffening, which will make your boots weaker and more likely to rip. The heat could also deteriorate the adhesive within the boots, weakening the joints and warping the soleplate.
– Do clean your football boots properly after use and remove any mud immediately. It is easy to forget, but taking care of them will ensure they last longer.

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