Finding Help for Loved Ones Facing an Addiction

Finding Help for Loved Ones Facing an Addiction
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Nothing can tear a family apart quicker than dealing with a loved one that is addicted to drugs or alcohol. You can beg and plead with them or try to be reasonable, but nothing will work until they admit they have a problem. Once you get them to face the facts, there are a few options you can pick from when it comes to treatment.


Meetings such as those offered by Alcoholics Anonymous help many people. The group setting allows those with addictions to tell their personal story without the fear of being judged. They can also use others stories about their road to recovery for inspiration. The program works by creating a safe and supportive community of people that one can count on when needed.

Housing with 24 Hour Care

Sober living housing offers addicts a place to go where they will be closely watched 24 hours a day. Residents are held accountable for their actions as their work with counselors to fully recover and become a contributing member of society. This is ideal for those that have a hard time with self-control when left on their own. You can find facilities like Stepping Stones Recovery House near you by doing an online search.

Private Therapy

Group discussions are not for everyone. Many of those seeking help are naturally private people. The regular meetings and group therapy can serve to add to their stress rather than help. Hiring a private therapist allows the addict to receive care that is designed for their individual needs and concerns. This can often be a very effective treatment for those struggling with addiction

The option you pick will depend on the individual that needs the help. Not every program works for every person. If they have a strong will power and a reason to succeed, meetings may be all you need. If their addiction has a more powerful hold on them, be prepared for 24 hour care or a private therapist.

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