Ghost Food Tours for Exploring Spooky Side and Food Culture of New Orleans

Ghost Food Tours for Exploring Spooky Side and Food Culture of New Orleans
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New Orleans is tarnished for witches, voodoo, and hauntings. African, French, Cajun, and Spanish cultures meet here and each add new zest to the city’s paranormal history. There are several haunted places, which can terrify the most cynical tourists.

There are many food tours organized to provide travelers with best cultural and culinary experience. Ghost tours New Orleans integrates cultural and historical sites along with visits to the local foodie zones to enjoy traditional, modern, and fusion dishes. You can meet with proprietors, chefs, farmers, brewers, and bakers to learn more about local ingredients and dishes.

The ghost and voodoo tour will take you to the most haunted places for a visit to New Orleans spooky side.

Lafitte’s Blacksmith shop

An old building that holds a bar built in 1700. No one knows why it was called a blacksmith shop. Pierre and Jean Lafitte bought this place and used it as smuggling base. People have been experiencing two ghosts gazing and touching [unseen] customers sitting by the fireplace.

Hotel Monteleone

Antonio Monteleone opened this hotel in 1886. Over years, this place has experienced lots of ghostly activities.

St. Louis Cemetery No.1

New Orleans is a flood prone region, so ingenious method is applied to bury the dead, so as to avoid carcasses floating with floodwater. St. Louis Cemetery is an iconic grave, where ‘Voodoo Queen’ Marie Laveau is buried. Legend says, if you knock 3 times, mark the tomb with 3-X’s and knocks again 3 times then Mary fulfils your wish.

LaLaurie Mansion

While fighting to end fire at LaLaurie’s mansion Firefighters discovered evidence of twisted and immense torment. LaLaurie used to chain her slaves to attic walls or stretched their bodies using horrific devices or forced them to put on spiked collars, which hindered them in their sleep, etc.

The locals heard of this and invaded her home forcing her to leave town. Something about her spirit and tortured slaves encompasses the air near LaLaurie Mansion.

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