How to Host a Great Mocktail Party

How to Host a Great Mocktail Party
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Have a group of friends who do not drink but are looking to look glamorous with those fancy glasses? Look no more. Mocktail party it is! Just add expensive items like caviar to the menu, and still have money left. With the proper preparations, a mocktail party can be just as fun as alcohol-fuelled ones.  Here are some tips that can help you host a great mocktail party.


Set the Mood

Before purchasing the food and drinks, you need to sort out the setting and the theme. Mocktail parties are normally small so you can host one at your home. Simply arrange the chairs around the table(s). Make sure that your guests can move around comfortably and that no one is isolated. To set the mood, you must select a theme with trendy colour schemes like pink and gold, or white marble. You can even select object-themed mood like flamingos or pineapples, which is all the rage right now. If the choices are a bit overwhelming, you can keep it simple by adding those large, fancy candles, dim the lighting, add some fresh flowers. Très chic!

Ice, Ice, and More Ice!

This cannot be stressed enough: do not forget plenty of ice. Because what are the drinks without the ice, especially during summer. So find an ice supplier that ensures cold, hard ice to your doorstep. Also make sure to have a good refrigerator or high quality coolers. Do note that you can refer to slushy machine hire Melbourne local for a more reliable supply of ice at your party.

Make Sure There Are Lots of Glasses

You do not want to have one those parties where people are walking around, looking for extra glasses because the host forgot to do the headcount. So prepare a lot of glasses. The highlight of your party is the drinks, after all. Just to be sure, count two glasses per guest. Also bear in mind that if you are serving different types of cocktails, you will need separate glasses for each. Last but not least, you do not have to get glasses of the same kind. There is an Avant-Garde feel to it when the glasses are of different shapes and sizes. Even mason jars are perfect.

Health and Safety Comes First

Do not neglect the food aspect of the party. Although the main attraction is the drinks, the food supply should be enough. Keep it coming for a well-satiated crowd. Try getting healthy food options because all those sugary drinks will definitely leave its mark. Finger food and tapas are great options. If you are experienced in preparing food in bulk, by all means go ahead. But to save the hassle, there are plenty of caterers to choose from. Make sure to try the food first before confirming the order. And once the party ends, ensure your guests, especially the ladies, have a designated driver to accompany them safely home. Try Uber if you run out of drivers to allocate.

Once you have sorted the basics, all that is left is to enjoy. Do not focus solely on preparing the drinks all night long. That defeats the purpose of the party. Instead, pace it out or hire a cocktail machine, and go have fun with your guests.


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