Importance of Literature Review and Tips for Writing It

Importance of Literature Review and Tips for Writing It
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Those who have written a dissertation once knows that how difficult it can be. For completing a dissertation it is necessary that the structure of the dissertation is properly maintained. Like there must be an introduction, an abstract that will explain the reader about what can they expect from the dissertation, a literature review, an analysis for supporting the argument and then the conclusion. There can be foot notes and bibliography too.


Hence, the literature review is quite important and while writing a literature review for dissertation you may face problem. You will not if you read this article.

Literature Review in Dissertation

Among the different section of your dissertation, the literature review is an important section as here the important information about the research subject is discussed. The literature review must be written in such order that the reader gets a logical review of the things that are mentioned in the review. Mostly while writing the literature review a general argument is done in support of the topic chosen and then arguments against it are also specified. Finally the conclusion is mentioned so that one can get what is mentioned there.

Mentioning different things related to the topic is the most important part of the dissertation and if it is not done professionally then you may face problem. Hence, the literature review is important section of the dissertation and care must be taken while writing it.

Gathering information for writing literature review

To make the literature review proper it is important that proper information is gathered. Here is how can you do that.

  • Look online for different resources from where you can gather enough material about your research topic. There can be some paid sites and if you find them useful, mainly by reading the abstract, you can try those sites.
  • There is another great way to gather information and although its age old, but still it works. Had to the nearest library and get research materials there. Whatever information you get take a note in your notepad so that it can used where necessary.
  • You can also look for various magazines that publish articles on the subject that you are working with. You can get such articles in the library or even trying out online is also a good source for gathering information.
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