Is good doctor-patient relationship important?

Is good doctor-patient relationship important?
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Having good communication and understanding between doctor and patient is critical as it can also impact the health outcome and satisfaction of the patient. Good doctor-patient communication has multiple effects which include better health outcomes, patient satisfaction and a decrease in malpractice risk. It is necessary for the doctors to have good communication with patients and especially if the patient is suffering from any mental health issues like anxiety disorder, clinical depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress, Obsessive-compulsive disorder and many more. In this cases, the doctor has to understand the symptoms of the patient by establishing a good communication skill by which the doctor can prescribe the correct and adequate amount of drugs. Most of the doctors suggest their patients buy drugs from the online pharmacy.

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Importance of communication skills in medical education

Medical education has already started to give importance to communication skills between doctor and patient and started teaching communication skills in many undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Many medical students are focusing towards having good communication skills. Most doctors are dependent on their communication skill to provide their best services to the patient. Better doctor-patient communication can result in better emotional and physical health. It can also help in controlling chronic diseases like blood pressure, blood glucose and pain control. These doctors are also recommending to buy medication from the online pharmacy as these pharmacies provide the best medication at a lower price.

Lack of communication can lead to severe problems like a patient having a feeling of being rushed and being neglected; symptoms might not get properly diagnosed and the lack of explanation for the test being performed.

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