Optimising cold storage longevity and capacity in warehouses

Optimising cold storage longevity and capacity in warehouses
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If you have cold storage warehouses, you may be wondering how you can minimise shelving damage while also utilising the space in the best way possible. Thankfully, this is fairly easy to do. Here are a few tips to help you optimise cold storage capacity and longevity in your warehouse.


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The Downside To Cold Storage Warehouses

Cold storage warehouses are a popular form of storage that are often used by companies that work in the hospitality industry. According to BryAir, cold storage warehouses are often used by cruise ships, pharmaceutical companies, restaurants, cafes, bars and research facilities.

Cold storage does face some issues, such as the high possibility of forklift, shelving or stock damage. This is due to a few different factors, including the confined space, the cold temperatures and slick surfaces.

Many cold storage warehouse owners choose to use typical roll formed racks, and they do not work well in such a cold environment. Therefore, it is likely that they will prematurely break or get damaged, and this means that you can end up spending a lot of money on racking and shelving!


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A better option for a cold storage warehouse is a rugged structural channel pallet flow system, which will help to increase warehouse storage space while reducing the chance of damage to the shelves. This is ideal for warehouse owners because it means they can store more items and spend less on warehouse maintenance.

If you want to buy pallet racking for your cold storage warehouse, check out http://www.rackzone.ie/ for a range of affordable options.

The Pallet Flow System

If you have recently checked your shelving to see if it is still safe, you might have been disappointed by the results. No one wants to find out that they need to replace all of their shelving, but this is a recurring and expensive issue for many cold storage warehouse owners.

Thankfully, you can avoid finding yourself in this situation by investing in a pallet flow system. Pallets tend to be a better option because they have a stronger frame and are more durable, so they are less likely to get damaged. They also have a cross-sectional area to provide extra support, making them the best way to optimise the cold storage longevity and capacity in your warehouse.

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