Promote Your New Business Without Professional Ads

Promote Your New Business Without Professional Ads
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Many new business owners don’t have the money or time to invest in professional offline or online advertising services when they first open their doors. If you can’t afford newspaper, TV or radio ads or your blog or video channel is still unavailable, you can promote your business. You simply use those items that you need to invest in from the start:

Office Stationery

Can you believe that some new business owners fail to use letterhead on correspondence both to provide a reminder of their contact details and of their services? It’s important that you never interact with other businesses, vendors or customers without making certain that all forms of communication have been customized to match your business. Letter paper, envelopes, postcards, business cards and even sticky notes should be printed with your custom business logo, name, contact details and tagline in the color scheme that you’ve chosen to represent your brand.

Business Labels

Beyond office mailing labels, you should also customize all other labels used for your business with similar details as your stationery. A labeling company can supply you with not only affordable custom office labels but also labels for any products that you sell, including labels for wide and specialty items. Labeling companies work with businesses across industries including food and beverage suppliers and industrial companies. These companies also offer discounts to loyal customers and on bulk orders.

Employee Badges

Many employees wear their company identification and entry badges while running errands after work. This action gives you a free advertising opportunity. Make certain that every badge has at least a large version of your business logo and name in a font that is easy to read. Whether these badges hang from a lanyard, key ring or retractable belt clip, they also twist around so that either side might show. As a result, use any available space on the opposite side to add a smaller version of your logo and tagline or a simple “Have a great day!” or “Come check us out!” message.

Promotional Freebies

Even though you’re just starting out, it’s important that you engage visitors, customers and members of your community with free branded items that they can re-use on a regular basis. Items like magnets, key rings, umbrellas, calendars, clocks, pens, and mugs can double as office supplies and gifts to employees. By purchasing them in bulk, you guarantee that you both save money on these office staples and always have something to gift others that reminds them that your business exists. Once you’ve gained a great reputation, these items can actually reinforce positive feelings and bring your business first to a person’s mind when they’re seeking a product/service that you offer.

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