Six of the best warewashers

Six of the best warewashers
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Washing up isn’t the most popular of chores, especially in busy commercial environments. There are issues of food hygiene, water and electricity conservation, and installation challenges in awkward locations like bar fronts and basements.


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Fast reliable commercial warewashers are precious. Here are six of the best.

Winterhalter UC-S-DISH under-counter dishwasher

Not necessarily the cheapest, but definitely one of the best, Winterhalter was the first catering manufacturer to attain a Carbon Footprint Label, so their machines appeal to environmentally aware companies. They recycle heat from waste steam and wash glasses, dishes or cutlery.

Variopower adjusts water pressure and other factors to suit the load. Quadruple filtration uses a sensor to monitor water quality, replacing as needed.


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Classeq Duo 750

Classeq’s Duos are so called because they are double skinned, reducing noise and improving insulation. The 750 incorporates a drain pump, so it’s easier to plumb for a variety of locations, and can use single or three phase power (for an explanation see, or consult a supplier like

Filters achieve cleaner plates with less water, faster start-up and lower bills. A cycle time of three minutes zooms through 750 dishes/hour.

Sammic SL-18 glasswasher

Sammic’s range meets commercial requirements on any scale. The SL-18 processes 30 baskets/hour and is superb value for money. The 35cm basket processes 13 pint glasses in a two minute cycle. The 2kw rinse boiler has fast initial heat up, and efficient energy consumption.

Miele G7856

Miele is an established supplier of domestic and commercial appliances. Miele’s machines are not the lightest, reflecting their rugged build quality, but they endure for years. The G7856 is eco-friendly and has an integrated water softener. A leak detection feature automatically performs an emergency shut off.

Fagor CO502DD Concept dishwasher

A competitive option for moderate sized businesses. Double walls provide reduced noise and energy efficiency, with both economic and environmental benefits. The tank has a 20 litre capacity and 500x500mm basket, 1 plate basket and 4 cutlery containers. A drain pump is an option.

Hobart AUP pass-through warewashers

The Hobarts come at remarkably competitive prices. The 4 models in this range handle up to 80 racks an hour. Features include turbo-wash, integral water softeners and drain heat recovery for maximum energy efficiency. They incorporate four-sided hoods and are easy to operate for untrained staff.

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