Three Easy Ways to Live on a Small Budget as a Uni Student

Three Easy Ways to Live on a Small Budget as a Uni Student
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As a university student, you are expected to be responsible for your finances (unless, we guess, you’re the Duke of Cambridge, in which case it’s a moot point). But if you’re a regular university student who doesn’t have much of a budget but who would like to get by as comfortably as possible (ideally with a few quid left over), you should learn how to manage your budget in the proper way. How do you do this, then? Here are three easy ways to live on a small budget as a uni student.

  • Cook and prepare your own meals

Even though you may not know how to cook initially, you’ll soon learn how to prepare some quick meals – you’ll be forced to, anyway, as you’ll soon grow tired of university food! You’d be surprised at how easy it can be to whip up your own culinary concoctions (here is where an easy recipe book helps, too). But if you’re not too keen on cooking, you can learn how to prepare your own sandwiches or even a hefty pasta salad or two. One other way to save money whilst cooking for yourself is to visit pound shops and discount shops, where you can find cheaper food essentials such as pasta, rice, and potatoes.


  • Work

One other way through which you can sustain yourself on a small budget is to work. You can try finding a part-time job, be it in a pub, café, supermarket, or small neighbourhood shop. Just don’t forget to prioritise your studies, though. You can also try tutoring other students on subjects which you feel you are good at. If you know a second language, why not try teaching this as well? Put out some advertisements on the website of your university as well as paper advertisements around the grounds of your university.

  • Know where to shop

As a student, you can quickly learn to take advantage of the various student discounts available to you. Many shops and restaurants offer student discounts, so make sure to benefit from this when you can. This isn’t only useful for food items – you can get discounts for books and clothes as well. You can also try visiting second-hand shops for other important items you need, such as furniture and clothing. Another way to shop would be to check out online advertisements on the classified sections, where you can look for furniture and even part-time job offers.

Aside from doing the things mentioned above, you can also try increasing your funds by playing online bingo. When you play bingo, look for sites which offer great promotions and discounts – especially for university students, just like you! If you win, you can take home some cash and use this to sustain your budget as well.

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