Understanding “Street Photography”

Understanding “Street Photography”
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Street photography, unlike other types of photography, does not reveal what it really means through its name. Landscape photography means photography of the landscape, wedding photography means taking photographs of a wedding; similarly, urban photography is about the urban features that are photographed. Street photography is about the people on the streets and not the mere photographs of streets.

The subject of focus in this type of photography is humans, the people who are travelling on the streets. The uniqueness of this type of photography is that it is the style of photography that is more important here than just the subject .Not all photographers are able to capture this kind of frames, however, David Berkowitz Chicago is of the opinion that a well known photographer known for his expert hand at Urban photography can capture the best shots.

The most common feature of street photography includes human artifacts and human features; the experts say that it is the ‘decisive moment’ in this sort of photography that needs to be captured. This ‘decisive moment’ refers to the ability to have the understanding as to when the photograph is to be clicked. For instance, a man jumping a puddle of water; as a street photographer you need to be able to decide when is ‘the perfect moment’ to capture the man in action so that you can convey your message clearly through the photograph itself.

The primary motif of any street photographer is to arouse a sense of awe in the viewer’s mind, and this is why it is extremely important for any street photography to have very good creative skills. Along with this the decision making skill is also required in anyone who aspires to become a photographer of this genre; because after all this kind of photography is all about taking the photograph at the precise right moment.

How crucial the right or ‘decisive moment’ is, can be explained through the example previously cited. Suppose the man jumping the puddle of water would be photographed a minute earlier or later, the image captured would either show the man contemplating on how to cross it, or the man already would have crossed it successfully. There would be a total absence of excitement in such a picture. This is where street photography becomes so special.

One unfortunate thing about street photography is that it rarely gets any sponsor even though the creative aspect of this kind of photography is perhaps one of the highest. Irrespective of what kind of photography, every photographer has to have a certain passion within him/her like David Berkowitz Chicago so that they are able to capture the perfect moment in each and every photograph they click. It is only when you understand completely what you need to capture will you be able to do the same. David’s interest in travel enhances his passion for photography by providing it with many more opportunities and circumstances.

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