Using Decorative Aggregates to Beautify your Garden

Using Decorative Aggregates to Beautify your Garden
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Designing your home’s exterior and garden can be rewarding. Sure, it is best to hire a landscaping expert for the job; however, not everybody has the budget. If you want to have a garden that does not require expensive maintenance but high on style, you must think about designing and decorating your garden with aggregates. These are made from real stones and are perfect for paving or landscaping project. Below are some quick, handy tips.

Reasons to Use Decorating Aggregates

Making the best garden requires plenty of work and the majority of homeowners do not have time to spend on maintenance. That is why it is reasonable to use materials which do not need plenty of attention. Decorative aggregates can be utilized in various ways and for making both defined and laidback landscape. Also, they are an efficient choice that enables rainwater to get to the soil. For a more affordable option to paver choices, aggregates can serve such purpose to a great extent.

Tips to Get Started

  • Decide on the Landscape. Before starting the project, decide on the garden landscape. Remember that a great garden is a combination of a lot of things that include water features, plants and paved ways. It is imperative to keep balance and have a concrete plan. This also helps you decide on your decorative aggregates’ order size.
  • Create a bed. It is important to smooth the ground and create a bead before putting the aggregates. You will need some tool and equipment for this so ensure you have them all. If not, order them online or visit hardware near you.
  • Check your aggregate options. A lot of online stores sell decorative aggregates and tools. Check your options and know more about how the seller or store sourced the aggregates. Also, compare the prices so you will come up with the best choice.
  • Play with Colors. There are many aggregate colors in the market today so ensure you play with ideas and colors. Also, you can prefer to make a uniform look for your entire garden by matching the decorative aggregates with garden feature such as paving stones. Check some options at
  • Try to get some help. Because the task of putting the aggregates can take some effort and time, it makes sense to get some help. But first, ensure you have marked the various garden sections so you can begin working on an aspect at a time.
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