What can we do to protect ourselves from thieves?

What can we do to protect ourselves from thieves?
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There are no 100% reliable protections from thieves. Maybe someday they will invent a zipper with alarm or bags resistant to thieves, but until then we need to come up with our own ways to protect ourselves from thieves. Do not forget to contact passi & patel todayand have all your questions answered.  Here are some ways:

Be careful

Do not freak out if you think that someone could rob you. Most of the times the robbery occurs during the day, but the most common reason for this are lack of caution. Since it is day, people relax and think that no one can attack them or steal something from them. Well, even if it is day, you should always be careful. Thieves will not attack if there is a remotely small chance of being caught. If approached by an unknown person, look around, and see if you can escape quickly. If that is what you suspect, do not hesitate to scream and call for help.
It should be noted that if thieves think someone suspects at them, it is likely that they will give up.

Stay away from people

If a person is too close to you, move. If you re-approached, it is very likely that they are trying to rob you. Be careful, because the majority of thieves need only a few seconds to steal your things.
Some thieves use methods of intimacy: hugging, touching or something like that. Do not let a stranger hug you.

Diversion is a favorite weapon of thieves

If someone stops to ask you something, be suspicious, and make sure you put your hands in your pockets to check your valuables.
If you hear a story about thieves on the bus, try not to check your pockets or at least do it as quietly as possible. It is best to keep your hands where your valuables are, or to keep things in a place that is hard to reach. At least until you’re sure that you’re in a safer place.
Be always aware of your surroundings, watch the people around you and be very careful. A thief can be anyone, even an elegant individual dressed in an expensive suit.

Like it was mentioned above, there isn’t really a specific way to protect yourself from thieves and criminals, they are everywhere around us and it is hard to always be careful about every move they make. In case something like that happens to you, make sure you report it to the authorities immediately or tell someone on the street if you are a tourist and you don’t really know the place. Because thieves usually rob tourists who seem to be a bit lost and do not know where they are going. Keep your things somewhere safe that will be hard for thieves to reach. There is no other way or measures to take to protect you. Just be very careful.

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